Make your wedding memorable with The Fingerprint Tree® wedding guest books

Weddings are an important event for everyone involved- from the guests to the family and the happy couples themselves, and a Fingerprint Tree® wedding guest book can help keep those memories through quality guest book entries.

The Fingerprint Tree® is born of a desire to capture the unique print each of us makes on each other’s lives.

The fingerprint is a symbol of that truth.  It is individual to you, your family and friends, or your child, and is the final, deeply personal signature on every on of our hand-drawn artworks from The Fingerprint Tree®.  A Fingerprint Tree® guest book uses the fingerprint of each guest as a leaf on the tree, symbolising their importance to your wedding and to your lives.

Leave a symbol of the lasting imprint your loved ones have had on your life.  Don’t settle for run of the mill guest books when it comes to your big day, choose unique wedding Fingerprint Tree® guest books and personally involve each one of your guests.

Buy your premium bespoke wedding guest books online from The Fingerprint Tree® today. Kits can include a premium timber frame, Fingerprint Tree® print, ink pads and pen(for guests to sign their name). There are 4 sizes available, accommodating from 30 to 300+ fingerprints. Build your tree your way!

Capture the moments in time you’ll never have again, but want to remember forever, with a gift from The Fingerprint Tree®.

Proudly Australian-made and Australian Owned!