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Paws by The Fingerprint Tree®


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Pet paw print kit – Paws by The Fingerprint Tree®. Bespoke pet paw print kit for your dog or cat, makes a great gift – made to order.

Do you love you pet as much as we love ours?

Paws by The Fingerprint Tree® is a beautiful pet paw printing kit, which allows you to upload a favourite photo featuring your beloved pet.
Selecting from our range of artwork to complete your design, we will piece your print together and email a proof for your approval.
Once your print is delivered simply open the frame (if included) and prepare your pets paw by dabbing the paw pads with the ink pad colour of your choice, then gently press and hold your pets paw to your print. Place your completed print in the frame and proudly hang for all to see.


  • Ensure you pets paw is clean & dry
  • Best results are achieved when your pet is relaxed, to allow you to apply the ink in a dabbing motion onto each paw pad, without covering the hair between each paw pad
  • For long haired pets you may need to clip the hair around each paw pad
  • Ensure there is plenty of ink coverage on each paw pad – it won’t smudge like paint so don’t hold back on the application of colour, perhaps add a light spray or a few drops of water to the ink pad prior to use
  • Cats and small dogs are easily held in one persons arms for a cuddle whilst the other person stamps their front paw
  • For larger dogs the process works best in a standing position, once the ink is applied gently guide your dogs paw into position on the print and allow their natural body weight to finish the print on the paper. You may find your larger dog will weight bare more so on their back paw, which will achieve a better result.
  • For all pets, hold their paw against the paper for 10-15 seconds before lifting directly off the paper
  • Perhaps test with your pets paw print on a sheet of plain paper first
  • Ink is easily removed with wipes, a damp cloth or water

The ink pad included with your kit is pigment ink, of which is Acid-free and fade-resistant, child safe and non-toxic plus conforms to ASTM D-4236 and F963-96a CE

Product Description

Paws Gift Pack inclusions

  • 1 frame (optional)
  • 1 photo upload
  • 1 bespoke pet print
  • 1 pawprint ink pad
  • packaged in a white gift box

Colour ink pads used in this gift pack are Acid-free, fade-resistant, Child-safe and non-toxic plus conforms to ASTM D-4236 & F963-96a CE

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