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Children's hot-air balloon
Children's hot-air balloon fingerprints

Children’s Hot-air Balloon Gift Pack

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Children’s Fingerprint Trees®, were designed to capture those precious moments in a child’s early life.

Ideal for a Baby Shower, Christening, or early birthday, these Fingerprint Tree’s®, are the perfect reminder of that special day.
Hung in a child’s room, they make the perfect keepsake for a child’s early years.

The designs are double sided, allowing you to make a choice, or even use it twice.
Each design has a lovely hand drawn pencil image on one side, and a coloured abstract tree design on the other.

On the day, simply open the back of the frame, remove the print and the glass, swap them around, then replace the backing. This will allow your print to look its best, as well as be firm enough for people to use.
Then simply allow people to write their name and ‘leaf’ their print. Assistance for some people may be required.

You will need to write the child’s name and birth date etc. The best way to do this, is to type it out on a computer (in the font of your choice), and print it, then stick it to a window, lay your print over the top, and trace it!!

Always pre test your ink pads before use. If they’re a little dry, just add a drop or two of water. They will come back to life 🙂

Use the zoom feature on the images to view the applied fingerprints, see them shine!

The Fingerprint Tree®, fingerprints that last forever.

Product Description

The Fingerprint Tree® Children’s Hot-air Balloon Gift Pack inclusions

  • 1 white frame
  • 1 A4 double sided Fingerprint Tree® print
    • Hot-air Balloon + Green abstract Fingerprint Tree®
  • 3 ink pads shown in image
  • 2 pens

Colour ink pads used in this gift pack are Acid-free, fade-resistant, Child-safe and non-toxic plus conforms to ASTM D-4236.  A4 will accommodate approximately 50 fingerprints.

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