What size Fingerprint Tree® do I need?
Each Fingerprint Tree® design is available in various sizes to accommodate all group events, large or small. We suggest the following should be used as a guide:
  • 50 or fewer = A4 size (standard home printer size: 210mm X 297mm)
  • 50–120 = A3 size
 (twice A4 area: 297mm X 420mm)
  • 120–220 = A2 size (4 x A4 area: 420mm X 594mm)
  • 220 or more = A1 size
 (8 x A4 area: 594mm X 841mm
Would you like to have a larger print to hang in your home, but don't have the guest volume to do it. Simply pick a bigger print, have your guests 'leaf' their mark, then after they've all gone home......add your own fingerprints to get the desired result. Ssshhhhh no one will ever know.
How much time should I allow for between placing my order and delivery of my Fingerprint Tree®?
The time between order and delivery is dependant upon the date required/stated on your print.  For example if your Wedding date is 10 September, and you place your order in March, the best delivery timeline would be early August.  Reason being, this allows you to make changes if need be, such as size or design. It also helps to avoid any accidental damage whilst in your possession, not to mention, you'll have nice fresh ink pads for your special day. Our policy is to ship approximately 4 weeks prior to the event date (International orders are shipped approximately 8 weeks prior).
Is there anything else I need, besides what comes in the kit?
The only thing you MUST provide is, Captain Sensible. The Captain Sensible is there to assist the elderly and children, as well as keep drunk funny people at bay. We would suggest this nominated person doesn't leave their post until the tree is complete.
Can I add a message/quotation/passage to my Fingerprint Tree®?
Yes, you can add additional text to your Fingerprint Tree®. It's quite common for a Fingerprint Tree®, used at a funeral, or wedding, where a passage is going to read out, to have that same passage applied to the side of the tree. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your options.
Do I need an easel?
Although an easel is not a necessary requirement, we can supply you with an easel on a hire basis. Easel hire does incur a bond, which is returned when the easel is returned in full working order, and no missing pieces. Contact us if you are unsure.
When is the best time to do my Fingerprint Tree®?
A Fingerprint Tree®, is best done as early as possible at a function. It's always best to capture people on entry if possible. At a wedding, the best time is when the bridal party is off being photographed, and all the guests are standing around with nothing to do. Have the MC, along with the Captain Sensible, encourage people to interact with the tree then. Then the bridal party returns, places their prints on the tree, then it's quickly whisked away to safety, or replace the perspex and show it off for all to see.
Where can I see the ink pad colours?
To see the ink pad colours, look in the 'drop down' under the Shop banner on the home page. Alternately you can click on this link http://thefingerprinttree.com.au/product/memento-ink-pads/ The names of the colours can be seen when you hover your cursor over the colours.
Do you offer a canvas Fingerprint Tree?
No. After testing this idea many times, in many different ways, the quality of the fingerprint itself is simply not very good. It looks more like a smudge rather than a fingerprint. Not to mention, the writing of the names is quite difficult on textured canvas, leaving the names looking rather messy and poor. All in all, canvas just doesn't give the high quality result your special day requires. What we have come up with, will give you the best results we believe possible.
Can I choose the font style of the names to be printed at the bottom of the page?
We currently have seven different fonts to offer, from nice and simple to very curly whirly. If you have a particular font you wish us to use, please let me know, and I'll see if I can download it for you.
Can I change the colour of the Fingerprint Tree® design?
Each Fingerprint Tree® is hand-drawn or painted then reproduced in the exact colour of the original design. We are able to manipulate the Fingerprint Tree's® to adjust colours, however this is a limited option and we will happily give it a go for you! Should you wish to have your tree custom designed this can be arranged, time permitting. There is only a cost involved if the design is not appropriate to add to the website afterward.
I don’t live in Australia, may I include a frame in my order?
All Fingerprint Tree® kits can include a frame (white, mocha or black). They are good quality Australian made frames, with light weight perspex and backing, making them ideal for international shipping.
Is the print UV stable?
Your Fingerprint Tree® is produced on special archive quality paper, using specially selected inks. Similarly, the ink in the fingerprint ink pads has been specially selected for its longevity and superior definition. You can expect your Fingerprint Tree® to last indefinitely provided, of course, that it is not hung in direct sunlight nor exposed to high humidity or damp conditions.
How long does it take for the fingerprint ink to dry?
Approximately 5 seconds, under normal conditions. By the time you've stamped your fingerprint, then started to move away wiping your finger, the next person is ready to go. It's pretty quick really.
Can I add an image or picture to my Fingerprint Tree®, e.g. a photograph?
We're not in the business of saying no! If you have the desire we will do our upmost to deliver on your request.  Please email us your request, we'd love to hear from you.
How is my Fingerprint Tree® completed?
It’s easy: we supply you with the Fingerprint Tree® print of your choice, produced on premium archive quality paper, together with a frame and selection of ink pads and specially selected pen(s). During your special event, your guests write their name using the pen supplied then apply a fingerprint (not a thumbprint, they're just too big) over the top of their name, where leaves would go on the tree. We’ve made it that easy for you to create a commemorative piece that’s uniquely yours - as individual as the fingerprints on it!
Will the Fingerprint Tree® grow if I water it?
Unfortunately it won't :( Although, it will capture the time you'll never have again but want to remember forever! Enjoy the special memories celebrated by your Fingerprint Tree®.